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 User event labels in the object editor



Hello! This is a suggestion for how the object editor displays user events in the event list.

User events have a bit of a non-descriptive name, and there can be a lot of em.
GMS2 added a great bit of usability polish when the dev team added visible descriptions to those labels, which really helped making an objects' logic be obvious and readable at a glance:

But a recent update added a display of the events an object is inheriting, which shows them like this, with the parent object in square brackets, but pushing the description out of the view, unless you expand the events list quite a bit to show all the labels.

As you can see above, this can get pretty unwieldy! I am sure that I am not the only one to get this issue.
Its tricky to fit so much information in a window, it really piles up.
User events are particularly affected by this, since those events have one of the longer names, and are especially useful with inheritance. And of course, user events arguably benefit the most from those descriptions being visible, having the least descriptive name otherwise.

I think it would be worth it to let the users change that label's title, for user events only. Here is an example, some quick edit of this previous screenshot:

Maybe the label of user events could be set by a new tag, like "/// @uelabel" for instance?
So, without using this tag, it would behave just like before by default.

I think this could help a great deal with the readability of that window.
In the example edit above, I added a number in the user event icon, so you can always know what index the user event is, even after changing the event's main label. That number could be more prominent too.

The main issue I see with the idea, is that its a bit awkward to have an interface functionality like this that only applies to one specific kind of event, its not a very elegant solution. Still, I think it would be an improvement.
Tell me what you think, do you feel this functionality would be a good idea?


Yes, this would be great to have. Just the ability to rename the User Event to something meaningful is all that is needed, and would be very helpful.