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Windows url_open function behaving oddly


So im trying to use the url_open function to direct a person to a webpage to do stuff "create an account, log in etc"

problem is it seems that in 2.3, no matter the browser target it keeps putting %22 in front of https://

var _url = "https://www.yoyogames.com/"


If you use Reddit reply to me here with a fix for gold if there is one. If its a bug you can let me know for some silver.
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Try using a string literal instead, eg:

var _url = @"https://www.yoyogames.com/"


Try changing your default browser, see if that helps.
i have tried in firefox, chrome, edge, safari. still having the same results. its always putting %22 before the HTTP

also this only happens when you build for windows as a set target point. if you build for html5 everything works fine.
I can confirm that I am experiencing the same issue with the latest versions of GMS2 and runner. Using YellowAfterlife's workaround is the only solution at the moment.


Same issue at my side. From a certain moment of time it went wrong, but it seems both 2.2.5 and 2.3 are affected. (installed both on same PC).
I have the same problem. Unfortunately the game maker is making things very difficult. I already reported a serious bug with xbox live two versions ago and so far no solution. Losing the ability to open a URL in the game is really disappointing. I will inevitably migrate to Unity


Same here. It seems and update of Chrome that broke something. With Firefox it works correctly. This is really bad issue, cause we cannot force users to set a particular default browser. I think the fix must be come from Google, not from Yoyo.


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It is indeed a Chrome update that did this;
Firefox is unaffected.

In other words, I recommend my extension - I believe it is the safest possible approach since the OS decides how to open internet shortcuts.
The problem is it's reading in an extra " from somwhere...