Android Upload game file (APK) in Google Play even with warnings?



I am trying to upload my Android game (.apk file) in Google Play for an Internal & Close testing before publishing my app publicly to the Play store. When I tried to upload my APK file I got some errors and warnings. If my APK had an error, it won't continue in uploading the APK, so I fixed that error. Now the error is gone but the warnings are still there. There are 4 warnings. You can still continue to upload the APK even with warnings so my thought is that it is still okay even if you don't fix it. Anyway, I am worried since I am not sure if these warnings will have implications in the publishing of the app in the future.

For those who have already experienced this. May I know how you got rid of the warnings? Also, if I just ignore the warnings, will there be an implication in the approval/reviewing of my game?

Thank you all and stay safe.

Warnings: (BTW, I think I already made some changes on the first error)
Google Play Warning when APK upload(1)(1).png


None of these look like deal-breakers for Google Play approval, but you should be sure where the WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission is coming from in case you're asked about it by an end user or by Google Play administrators.
The second one about the game having file bloat from unused assets is the only one I'd consider fixing.

The others seem like things you can ignore