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Idea Upgrade ideas for a Lemonade Stand game


Hey everyone,

I'm working on a Lemonade Tycoon game where you sell lemonade day to day - having to purchase resources such as Lemons, Sugar, Ice, and Cups.

I want players to be able to purchase upgrades but only have 3 ideas so far and need more.

Here are the upgrades I've got planned so far:
  • Freezer (Keeps ice cubes from melting at end of day)

  • Tip Jar (Increases tip %)

  • Blendomatic (Make pitchers of lemonade faster)
Any other ideas that could help? I can explain more about the game mechanics if that helps as well - Thanks!


Depends how far you want to take it. Different flavors of lemonade. Different cup sizes. If you want to go zany big with it, lemon trees, machinery that automatically makes lemonade (ability to pour more than one cup at once), parking lot. You could maybe have it where if you get to a certain point, you need to buy a business license. Trashcan, stops the city coming to complain about customers throwing cups on the ground. Paid workers. etc, etc, etc.


  • Lemon trees - get some free lemons per day
  • Ice cube tray - get some free ice cubes per day (after buying the freezer?)
  • News paper ads - more customers
  • Radio ads - even more customers
  • TV ads - even more more customers
  • Multiple building locations - more than one lemonade stand, would have to hire employees
  • Employees - can serve customers faster (customers could leave if they've been waiting too long in queue)
  • Higher quality cups - customers willing to pay more?


How about:

  • Lawn chairs (customers may stay longer and make additional purchases)
  • Umbrellas (customers will stay longer and make additional purchases)
  • Biodegradable cups (allows you to set a higher price without affecting demand)

In all seriousness though, it would probably help to hear more about what mechanics you have in mind, because that will set a lot of the constraints.