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Discussion in 'GameMaker Studio 2 Community Tech Support' started by Shin Kitsune, May 1, 2019.

  1. Shin Kitsune

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    May 16, 2017
    I will go straight to the point...
    I had GameMaker Studio 1.4 back with one of the Humble Bundles, and I had gotten the Web module with it.
    A while after GMS 2 came out, I managed to get myself a copy of the Desktop edition on Steam, but unlike the GMS1.4 modules, it looks like I would have to purchase the whole program again in order to have the Web exporter as well. Am I right?!

    To be honest, I would not want to buy the whole program again just in order to have the ability to export for Web. Is there any kind of promotion or something for Desktop owners? Or should I better wait for a sale?

  2. TsukaYuriko

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    Apr 21, 2016
    Moving to Tech Support as this is a licensing question.

    GMS 2 Web is not an "upgrade" of GMS 2 Desktop (it is not equivalent to GMS 1.x Professional, which was the "base" software which you could buy add-on exporters for).
    What you're buying with 2.x is the ability to export to specific target platforms, and the removal of Trial limitations is a feature that is shared by all paid licenses, not specifically a feature of the Desktop module. You no longer have to first purchase the "base" software (as there is none) and then the exports, so you're not buying the whole program again, just extending the functionality of the one you already have.

    I'm afraid there are no promotions like the one you're hoping for and upgrade discount paths from 1.x to 2.x have already ran out.

    Whether you should wait for a sale or not depends on whether you want to export to HTML5 right away, or if you don't mind waiting an undefined amount of time for a potentially cheaper offer. To catch the follow-up question: Sales are not announced in advance.

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