Updating the Learn page to GML 2020 standards


Since the release of GMS 2.3, the rise of topics like these has been a disturbing trend on the Q&A section:
A significant portion of these topics are caused by tutorials on the current Learn page, in particular Space Rocks and the Farming RPG tutorial. Due to the new function syntax in GML 2020, all the tutorials on that page are now unusable on GMS 2.3 when followed exactly, and many of the authors are no longer around to update them. This is an unacceptable official learning experience for a paid product.

In the meanwhile, there are several tutorial authors such as @samspade, @matharoo, @YellowAfterlife, @Slyddar who do have GMS 2.3-native offerings, but have thus far not had the exposure they deserve. They are regularly eclipsed by outdated and often poorly written offerings. In the meanwhile, responders like me scramble in vain to stem the tide of these topics. I tried contributing by writing up this topic and reporting it to be pinned for better visibility to new users. It was denied for not being important enough. Since then, it has been linked at least a dozen times or two over, and counting.

If there are any other GMS 2.3-native tutorials I've missed, especially full-featured ones similar to Space Rocks, please reply linking to them.

And if you are an administrator at YoYo, would you be open to rebooting the Learn page with GMS 2.3-native content only?


YoYo Games Staff
YYG Staff
Absolutely. We are working on a full refresh of the learn page with 2.3 content. We are hoping for this to go live with a site refresh that will also give us much better tools to add to and update the content on the learn page. Appreciate you bringing this up and everyone you have called out for their tutorial content. Oh worth including that our school coursework has been updated for version 2.3 and we are working on all new coursework for education from the ground up in 2.3 https://www.yoyogames.com/blog/540/education-learning-to-program