GMS 2 Updating The Coding Fundamentals in GML Series to 2.3!


I'm starting my update for Coding Fundamentals in GML. If anyone has feedback on what needs to be updated, feel free to let me know! Whether your like helping or just have videos you want me to make thanks in advance.

I'm noting three types of videos. 1) Videos that expand upon a previous video. So the prior video isn't wrong, just incomplete now with 2.3 - e.g. data types nothing changed about the old data types but we have two new ones. 2) Videos that correct what would be an error in 2.3 - e.g. scripts. 3) Videos that add entirely new things - e.g. structs and methods.

I'll also be updating old videos with a tag to mark if it is incomplete or wrong in 2.3.

Here's my list of current videos that need a tag:
  • Data Types [incomplete in 2.3]
  • Scripts Part 1 [wrong in 2.3]
  • Scripts Part 2 [wrong in 2.3]
  • Arrays [incomplete? wrong? in 2.3]
  • Data Structures [incomplete in 2.3]
I actually thought there would be more but I really don't think a lot of the core materials changed. You can see the playlist here if you want to scroll the list of titles (one note is that the functions video is actually about the basics of functions in general and the built-in functions and I believe is all still correct).

Here's a list of videos I plan to make:
  • Data Types Update
  • Arrays Update
  • Custom Functions (in several parts)
  • Methods (in several parts)
  • Structs (in several parts)
  • Custom Error Messages
  • Accessor Chaining Update
I really thought there would be more topics but those are the ones I've come up with so far. If you think of any that I'm missing let me know.