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Updating my licence


Hi there!
So last year a bought a Desktop licence for Game Maker 2, I was wondering if there was a way to buy HTML and Android export modules on top of that or do I have to buy the licences a part from the Desktop licence?


Raccoon Jam Host
each license is purchased separately
but will all work together

so of you bought the desktop license
and the html license

you can export to both in gms

otherwise if you only have license x you can only export to license x

or if you bought license a b c and x
you can export to a b c and x


Forum Staff
By buying the Web and Mobile licenses, you are buying the licenses on top of that. If you're asking whether there are any "upgrade" discounts or the like, then no, because the export licenses are sold separately and none are an upgrade of each other (aside from Desktop, which can be considered an upgrade of Creator).