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Mac OSX updating gamemaker.


so i just got a new computer,but problem is on my previous computer,i didnt dare to update my gamemaker as i was in the middle of a game and i didnt want progress to be gone
its my first time updating btw.
so when i was trying to shift my progress to my new computer,it said something about a new version and at the background what looked like a bunch of errors popped out.
i cannot garuntee they were errors,im just taking a guess.
and after i clicked ok,the whole project was empty.i went out and went back in,still empty.
this might be because before i opened the project,i have not downloaded all the original sprite images to my new computer yet.(idk if im correct but the more details the better rit?)
does this mean i have to finish this project on my old computer first?


Forum Staff
No, that means something went wrong during the import. Start up your favorite screen recording software, import a fresh copy of the project and see if you get the same thing. If you do, watch the recording to see what is actually going on, rather than guessing.