Windows Update Sync - free auto updater for your games

Over the past while now I have been using GameMaker to develop a small number of free Windows/Web apps for my own fun/learning and to help myself as well as other indie game[maker] developers. I'm now at the point where I'd like to share them with everyone and get some feedback.

Update Sync is a free Windows app built with GameMaker Studio 2 for us GameMaker developers to include automatic update checking in our Windows games.
Obviously this is Not compatible(/needed) with Steam, Web, Mac, Ubuntu, Mobile, Amazon Fire, PS4, Xbox One, Windows Phone, or Nintendo Switch targets.

1. Download the Update Sync Windows app to register and add your game details
2. Then download and import the Update Sync asset into your game to add automatic checking for updates

* Although I have implemented best practices and encryption I cannot guarantee security unfortunately, so it is best to use a link to your site and not to the actual game file if your game gets popular enough for people to want to steal it... Then again it'd probably be on Steam anyway and Update Sync wouldn't be needed!
* The server will be live for as long as BulleTech Studios exists and Update Sync is getting used
* If you identify any vulnerabilities please let me know and don't exploit them for the sake of the GameMaker community :)

Check it out by clicking here

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Added test details to use if you'd like to try it out and give feedback even if you don't intend on using or needing it for your own games. (commented in the GameMaker project)