iOS Up All Knight -Endless Pixel Arcade Game



Utilize the unique size manipulation abilities of the knights of UPtara to scale the castle, avoid deadly obstacles, and rescue the damsels.

◉ Tap and hold to shrink
The smaller you become, the higher you'll jump

◉ Release to jump upward
Careful to avoid the spike roof!

Are you UP to the challenge?

Download for FREE on the Apple app store:

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Downloaded it on my iPhone X. It's really good! Great job. I like how all the buttons are kinda bouncy. Nice touch! It's pretty hard at first but just like most mobile one touch games, you build skill over time. May I ask how you implemented your ads? Like which extension/ad network. When I have done it in the past, they are full screen and annoying. The one you have sliding in from the side isn't intrusive.