Windows UNLUCID - Eveything is a Simulation



Demo Link:

Hello! This is Unlucid, a Jam game I intend to continue developing in the coming months. I am going for a metroid x megaman feel for the game. All assets are made by me with a help of a friend for music.
Right now I only have the initial area since I have only worked on it for a month.

I would really appreciate some feedback for the game! I hope you'll follow along with the progress of this passion project! Enjoy the game! Controls are taught in-game. Controllers are supported.


- As a fan of platformers, I absolutely loved your demo! Really smooth movement. Great visuals and sound. The game has a solid foundation!
- I made it to the frog boss but kept dying because I haven't mastered the controls yet. I'm the middle of something right now and need to get some other work done, but I'll surely play your demo again.
- Also, I like how it just takes me to the action asap and doesn't waste too much time on the story and lore.
- You say you're going for a metroid x megaman feel and I'd like to tell you that you've perfectly nailed it. It did feel like I was playing a game with Megaman-style movement with Metroid-style maps.

WELL DONE on the project! Please keep us updated on it!