Windows Unknown Crew


Work Title: Unknown Crew
Engine: GMS2
Platform: PC

Game description

Game is set in 1939, when Soviets invaded Finland. Player takes up a command of a two-man light tank, going through the numerous amount of operations against the invaders, while upgrading current tank or obtaining new ones, be it a trophy tank or a commissioned one for outstanding efforts and heroism. The main goal is to oppose the invaders and protect Finland.

Technical gameplay description

Player starts on a campaign map in a light, two-seat tank, able to travel around the Finland/Soviet border and visit FOBs to access a list of missions. Each time player selects a mission, he'll be spawned in an instance with objectives, according to the mission description, to achieve. After mission is completed, time is fast-forwarded to 1 week ahead and new missions are generated.

There are going to be minor historical missions, set to certain week of the war and thus, unique and exclusive. In addition to that, during the traveling on a global map, player may randomly stumble upon various situations. Be it an enemy ambush or to assist friendly forces.

During the missions, player has a chance to receive an enemy (exclusive) tank trophy, under certain conditions met. E.g - crew is taken out but tank remains mostly in-tact and needs repairs only.

There are much more ideas that I have planned yet uncertain if they are going to be implemented. Time will tell!

Current state of the game

  • First, rough and basic tank prototype has been made, featuring Panzer IV as a demo-tank.
  • Ability to travel across the "map" and enter instance to take out small number of static AI soldiers.
Global Map Test

Tank Prototype. Commander in, limited vision. Vehicle modules are highlighted.

Tank Prototype. Commander out. Broad 360 vision, vehicle modules are hidden.

Video will be posted as progress is further made. Along with the demonstration standalone .exe file for testing purposes.
I can attach and update in future, changelogs done to the Game Project, if anyone deems that it is interesting enough.

Ideas/suggestions/feedback is appreciated, as this is my first time going in public with a project I have on my hands. Thank you.


Is there a playable version at the moment? Hard to feedback until we have a download!
Right now, it's purely a tank prototype available but no gameplay to pursue. I need to bump up global map with two interractable events on it + make some basic AI. So there could be at least something to be done.