Steam Unholy Alliance - Tower Defense, Strategy, Action

Enemies from this world and the dark one fight together in an “Unholy Alliance” to destroy your Extractors. Get ready to face and defeat enemy hordes using a vast arsenal of towers and special powers at your command in a unique tower defense game that will push your tactical skills
Fight on forests and wastelands, customizing your defensive strategy with different tower, special power, and Extractor upgrades and specializations! Bring your enemies death from above, send them moving backwards using Wind, place Mines in their way, block their way with a Decoy, or even Freeze them.

English Trailer:

Key Features:
  • Epic defense battles that will hook you for hours!
  • Full-screen High definition awesome illustrated cartoon art!
  • Upgrade tree with three different paths (Towers, Extractors, and Special Powers) that offers unique playstyles.
  • Assign target priority to each tower (shoot first, shoot last, shoot strongest, shoot weakest)
  • Fist of Revenge that gives almost unlimited access to your special powers never seen on a defense game!
  • Wide range of enemies, from an ordinary soldiers to Ministers of Drakness each with their own skills! (Beware of the missile launchers!)
  • Intense boss fight against Ratash!
  • Hours of gameplay.
  • Extra game modes that will push your tactical skills to the limit.

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GENRE: Tower Defense, Indie, Strategy, Action
RELEASE DATE: Sep1, 2021
Built on GameMaker 2.2.5

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