Free Unearthly Demise


Hey everyone! Here is a game I just made for the Github game jam.

You find the moon has intelligent life and you can decide to make peace with them or build up your military and destroy them! I joined the jam about half way through and tried to bite off more then I could chew.. But it is fun and I think I will use this as a platform to make an interstellar political idle game!

If anyone else joined the Jam let me know and I would love to check out your game!

Download the game

BTW the other images are too large so I can not upload :(lunar_edity.PNG

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The theme was "moonshot", you could take it anyway you wanted. But I took it pretty Literally haha. Great game jam, Lots of submissions and feedback. I would definitely recommend. Also doing a month long jam is totally different beast then a 72 hr one (I joined late so I had about 16 days). I would reccomend if anyone wants to make a full featured game.