Windows UnEarthed 2D Top-Down Action RPG


Some foolish adventurers have dared to venture into the burial site of an ancient demonic being. While looting the tomb, they accidentally broke the seal and released the Evil inside! As other evil beings nearby start to awaken in response to this, the village of Moonbright (name subject to change) is in great danger! With the village in full alert, the mayor of the village starts to gather adventurers to launch an attack and subjugate these demons. Will it be enough? As one of the adventurers tasked with helping to bring down these monsters, you sure hope so!

This is a hack and slash, action RPG. Taking concepts from Zelda, Diablo II, Grim Dawn, Heroes of Hammerwatch, and Enter the Gungeon, the game is focused on looting, crafting, completing quests, character building, dungeon crawling and fast paced combat! Diving into a big group of enemies, blowing everything up around you, feeling like a HERO.. There is just something fun about that!

Character selection - 4 Character classes to choose from, each with their own special ability: Warrior, Mage, Knight, Archer
Shops - Weapon, armor, item, guild, special vendors, lots of shopping!
Inventory - Large inventory system to manage your loot!
Item Upgrade system! Find runes to upgrade your items!
Crafting - Craft items, with every craft comes the chance that your item will be magic, rare, unique, legendary, or even mythical quality! Stats improve as rarity increases!
Guild - Guild Ranking, quests, job board, guild shop, etc
Skill system - Base skills, plus unique class skills for each class
Attribute system - Build your character however you want!
Socketing System planned! - Insert gems into your gear to give them a power boost!

I started this project on 5/15/2019 as a way to re-learn how to use the Gamemaker engine after a 2 year hiatus. Weird story here, picked up GMS2 back in May 2017, tried to make a 2D platformer, gave up / abandoned the game after 4 months, but liked programming enough to go to school / self study my way up to a software engineer career. Now that I got the hard "life" stuff done, got me some time to focus on making games again after 2 years. I picked up a humble dev bundle back in Nov 2018 (had a buncha Time Fantasy sprites packs, which you are seeing here) so I had some assets to make a game. Tried to make a game with a cave and 10 levels + a boss (that is where the name came from). I kept adding to it and here we are, project UnEarthed 2 months later. I just want to finish a game. Will probably have a demo when I finally make a dungeon and get some more story related quests coded in.

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Congrats on becoming a software engineer in just 2 years. Good luck with Unearthed, it sounds like a very ambitious first project, good that you don't have to do all the art yourself.


Wow, the game looks great! what platform is it release for?


Thanks! And yeah I agree, it does seem very ambitious. Most of the engine code is already done, so and I'm not worried about the coding portion, but it is everything else that worries me. How would I put a good story into this? How would I balance the combat? What if I run out of art/sound effects, assets? Lots of game design stuff I really haven't given too much thought of, so yeah it's definitely going to be a learning experience and a challenge, especially because how complex an RPG can become.

Glad you like how it looks! As for the platform, probably windows for now, this is the only license I have at the moment but if the game ends up being great, I can acquire more licenses for other platforms.


Welp, 2.5 months into the project. Engine is almost complete (I think), I got saving/loading to work, still need to work on the screens for it though. Oh, also need a gem socketing system, but I can't decide on how it will function. Made many maps, manually. Got auto tiling set up, but holy crap it's boring as heck. It's like I lose almost all motivation to work when making and decorating rooms, and I just wanna bash my head on my desk sometimes, anyone else have this issue? Anyway, I've added more stuff: Crafting related crap like ore deposits , Skill scrolls (consumable items that cast a skill), hero monsters, summon scrolls, town portal, and a boatload of other stuff. Phew, it's been a long week and a lot of learning. I have not done any visual polishing yet, I don't even know how to code particles and the only shader that I know how to make was a hit flash. Will need to absorb more knowledge soon. If anyone has any feedback or ideas on how I can make this better, lemme know, would really appreciate it.

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Finished coding the core systems, so now I am just adding content. I'm planning on adding skills first, then areas, enemies, and and finally quests. Finally, will add more items and secondary NPCs later on.

Here is some more combat testing: