Steam UNDERCREWED: 1-4 player online cooperative spaceship commanding game.



In Undercrewed you and your friends control the same spaceship by running around and activating parts. It can be played local and online 1 to 4 players. Work together to build a ship that can get through the many ordeals you will experience.

You are the last 4 survivors on your spacecraft! Do you have the teamwork required to complete your missions while traversing perilous space? Run into a room activate it, steering as you go to fight off enemies and protect your ship.

With so many ship layouts to choose from you can customise a ship to suit your play style and what you take will change how you and team play. Make the tough decision on how many rooms to dedicate to guns or defences or if you want the flexibility to deal with every situation, choosing what rooms to take and where they are on the ship is all up to you.


  • Online play through Steam's invite system.
  • Unlock different rooms that can be added to your ship.
  • Unlockable ships with different stats and layouts.
  • Customise your ship by adding rooms you have unlocked.
  • Area specific damage.
  • Full gamepad / twin-stick support.
  • AI that learns and adapts depending on previous games.



Welcome aboard Captain

Lots of love
David Strachan


Congrats with your release and showcase! Looks like a great game for a small lan-party. The graphics look awesome. Did you make this game all by yourself?


I’ve launched a new level onto Undercrewed!

This mission features teleporting enemies and enemy intruders that warp onto your spaceship.

This is officially the move from 0.7 to 0.8 It feels like a big step to me, I still have a lot of content that will be added over the coming weeks so keep an eye out for that.


I’ve just launched version onto Steam. It's the biggest update I've done since launch.

This update features the new level Celestus with a whole fresh set of enemies to fight and challenges to face.

These new enemies have their own shields which has actually been such an entertaining addition, I couldn’t help myself from adding them onto existing enemies.

I have also implemented EMP attacks that disable your rooms which you will have to deal with.

I have another update coming soon that dramatically changes how you play because ammo will have to be transported around the spaceship.


The Everything-Needs-Ammo update is available to play.

This update includes:
  • New rooms to add to yours spaceship
  • Improvements to survival mode
  • And of course you will now fund yourself running between guns refilling ammo

Find out more about what I've been developing on Discord: