UnderChain - A Grappling Hook Game - Html5 Build



Nice Nehemek! I love the simplicity & Game Boy - style art! I have a music track that fits this perfectly. PM'ing you now! :)

Joe Ellis

This is a really good idea for a game! and its completely unique, at least I've never played a game that works in that way.
I made it to 2120 points, is that terrible lol?
I love this! Very unique and has a great style. I do have a few problems with it, however.

- The framerate seems to be uncapped. On my 144hz monitor, it feels like it's going turbo speed and I can barely keep up.
- On a PC, it's easy to accidentally misclick and move up or down instead of moving to the other wall. For PC, I would suggest perhaps mapping keys to up/down movement (maybe W/S) and keep clicking solely for wall-to-wall movement.

However, my second issue might have been exacerbated by the first. You've got the makings of a great game here. Keep up the good work!