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Mac OSX "Unable to find game" for Mac builds



We created a Mac build and sent it to someone to test on another Mac. After downloading the file, they unzipped and opened the .app. What came up was the dialog with "Unable to find game!!". Looking through past threads, it looks to be that if the user moves the .app to another folder, the game will actually play. We had our tester move it from a newly built dmg to another folder and it worked perfectly. It seems to be some issue with the zipping/compression and paths Gamemaker uses when doing the Mac builds with YoYo Runner. It seemed to rear its ugly head with Nuclear Throne on other threads as well.

Has YoYo Games addressed this issue yet? Many players will open it where it downloads to and could cause unnecessary strain for users. I'm searching for a solve. Cheers!


macOS is still in beta so I wouldn't think sending games out to users is a good idea at this point.