Demo [uiZ] Windows 3.1 made in uiz in game maker


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Hi there,
Thank you for taking your time to look at this demo of uiZ.
uiZ is now out and available at:

I'm very happy to show you my first demo of uiZ in which I tried to recreate windows 3.1.
Now, this particular projects is meant to show what uiZ can do, as a proof of concept and it's not how to create the most beautiful looking ui nor is it about 100% precisely recreating windows 3.1.

Anyways here is a link to test out the html5 version:
The source code is available to anyone who also owns the uiZ asset.

What can be done with uiz?

Good question? Well, about every gui thing imaginable. It has a lot of systems for placing objects in a very scalable way. It these are some of the systems included:
- A load of default objects (Buttons, lists, string input boxes);
- A complete placement and scaling system with multiple data types;
- Animations. Also advanced animations that allows you to combine functions;
- Templates for you to use;
- Mouse menu system;
- Scrollbar system;
- Slideable bars;
- Windows;
- Frames;
- Framesets (html alike);
- Grids;
- Other frame structures;
- A visual designer;
- Some great tutorials on how to use uiz, manipulate it and even how to create your own objects;
- Great documentation;
- 566 scripts;
- 155 objects;(Just numbers to get an idea of the size of the asset, you won't be needing every single one.)
- Global systems for modifying objects. (e.g. systems for managing borders and backgrounds on objects, etc...)
- Support from me if you think something is missing, something isn’t working or if you don’t understand something;
-the list goes on...

Here's a screenshot:
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It's very neat!, but doesn't always respond or has input lag. But, win 3.1 suffered the same problem so it should be fine xD.