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Job Offer - Artist UI Designer/Artist needed for narrative startegy game (PAID)

Discussion in 'Collaboration' started by Ulcius, Oct 23, 2019.

  1. Ulcius

    Ulcius Member

    Sep 8, 2016
    Heeey, I'm working as a programmer on this game:

    It's narrative-driven strategy game, where you need to make accurate choices and fight battles to unify England.

    My boss is looking for someone to make UI for the game. As the game is made in Game Maker and I promised to help him look: I'm posting the offer here.
    The job will include: correcting the current UI (cause it's not very impressive XD) or rebuilding it completely (depending on what's best for the game). After that is done: there will also be few more UI thingies for the upcoming features (wip). Anyway I think it may be job for a month or two.
    Ideal candidate will do both design and graphical assets for UI. (If not possible then my boss will consider hiring both ui designer/ui artist I guess). It DOESN'T include implementing it, I will be doing that part :)

    Payment: I am not paying, he is, but he will pay fair price I guess :)

    If anyone is interested please write here or PM me and I will contact you with the boss.

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