Asset - Project UI Creator


UI Creator is an easy to use example for Game Maker Studio to create interfaces.

Create beautiful menus for your games, with smooth effects.

This includes:
  • Everything that is inside the project comes with a tutorial
  • All codes for all the tools so you can learn how to create them!
  • A toolbox with:
    1. Text box
    2. Check box
    3. Button
    4. Radio Button
    5. Group boxes - used to group Radio Buttons
    6. Combo box
    7. Cheese graphic
    8. Label
    9. Progress bar
    10. Track bar
    11. Circle hover
    12. Circular button - with 5 different hover effects
    13. Message box
  • All images needed for the tools, and some examples for you to use like icons for browsers
By simply changing variables, you are able to create awesome interfaces for your games!

Marketplace link:



https://www.dropbox....r demo.exe?dl=0

HTML Demo:

Hope you enjoy the asset!


Niiiiice, and clean.....

Purchased! - This should make life easier with creating my text adventure creator engine, rather than re-inventing the wheel yet again! :)