Android Ugly Smyle Runner - run, shot and die




Ugly Smyle Runner
Grab your ugly Smyle and run! Survive hordes of monsters and various obstacles but be careful the monsters become stronger, build your weapon and fire with all your strength !!! Show off with your friends and show him how far you've done it.

Game Features:
- Craft system
- Beautiful sounds
- different monsters
- 25 weapon levels
- Weekly updates Be the record holder today!

Download link
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The trailer is fancy and all but it doesn't show the gameplay. Even the screenshots are too far away to see properly. I have no clue what is going on haha! I usually like to know what I am downloading onto my computer.

Just upload some screenshots, so we can see what's going on. =)
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Sorry but the trailer was awful, I still don't know what kind of game it was after watching it...
I agree to that. In the trailer you see very few things of the actual game. Add some secenes of the actual gameplay, so everybody sees what's going on. You also used half of the video length just to anounce the game without showing anything. Use the trailer to show things where the player gets interested in the game and knows what he's geting into.


Using those video effects is super tacky and the long 10 second intro is a big turn-off. Stick to regular clips with conventional editing.
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