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Linux UGC items cannot be loaded on Linux


Luiz Gama


I'm one of the developers por Relic Hunters Zero. We are adding mods support for the game through steam workshop, using GMS 2.

On windows and mac it is ok, but on linux, even though steam_ugc_get_item_install_info gives the folder for the installed item, a call to file_exists always sayas it doesn't. According to the docs, steam_ugc_download only works for 1 file, and would not work for a complete item folder.

How can we proceed implementing this on linux?
From what I know, there is no way to know how many and which files there are in a mod, and the links for them on steam servers. The expected behaviour, since steam downloads the items by itself, would be to be able to load the files from the disk.

I figure it is probably a problem caused by the filesystem being sandboxed, but if it works on Windows and OSX, can it be done on Linux?

Thank you =]
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Someone had reported this issue few months ago, and were told to make a sample project and file a bug, but I guess they didn't. I've briefly encountered it in one of the projects when evaluating Linux support and it seemed to be a problem with whitelisting algorithm. Should be fixed fairly quickly if reported with a sample. Could then use this extension for a workaround if it's urgent.