HTML5 Ufo Defenders (for Opera GX Jam)


This is the game I made for Opera GX Jam. There are 2 modes in the game; one is single player and one is local multiplayer. Main objective is defend the main UFO against the other UFOs. In singleplayer mode, you are engineer and soldier both. In multiplayer mode P1 is soldier and P2 is engineer, so they should be in cooperate. Game is getting harder with time advance.

Game link:




Well done! The graphics are simple but clean and they have character. Shooting sounds really good for me and the gameplay itself is solid. šŸ‘

But one suggestion: games with WASD + mouse controls are slightly hard to play for left handed players like me, especially if they use a Laptop without a mouse. I know that especially the Laptop problem this is very special, but it would be easy to add additional controls with the arrow keys or IJKL in the next update or - if you don't plan an uptade - in the next game šŸ˜‰