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Linux Ubuntu - game icon not as chosen


the latest update of my game is also ported to Ubuntu 18.04 so i chose the images i'd like to have in that port:


But it seems something went wrong on the way to heaven and is only see this in Ubuntu:


My question now is, did i miss something in GM2 or in Ubuntu (like a setting for custom icons) or might this be a flaw in the export.

The icons worked fine for me on Android, iMac and Windows by the way.

Samuel Venable

Time Killer
This is not a bug. To be absolutely technical, windows is the only operating system that i am aware of where you can actually change the icon of your executable, where as on Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android you can not. Don't confuse executable with a Mac app bundle, or iOS/Android package. They aren't the same thing and the bundle/package on those systems are what contain the executable and yes you can change their icon but not the actual execuable they contain inside them. Where as with Linux is more like other unix-like operating systems in that the icon is not changeable and nor does the executable have a bundle or package it can be put in with a customizeable icon. The only icon that can be changed is the one shown in the title bar depending on whether your distro supports that, and the icon shown in the taskbar. Only remedy i can think of is packaging your game as a deb or rpm file depending on the distros you want to target and then you can use those for distribution and so users can easily install depends without using the terminal. This gives you the option for the package/installer to create a *.desktop file which is basically a shortcut to your game wherever you chose it to install to and yes the icon of that file can be changed.

Just don't ask me how to do any of this. I have no idea. The closest i ever got was to make a deb package with a free software called debreate which is pretty unstable and broken and i think also it is not being maintained by the developer anymore either so its basically next to useless at this point.
Thanks a lot, clarifies this one for me. Currently i am not willing to go to any length for this, maybe later when i approach 1.0 i will get into stuff like this.

Samuel Venable

Time Killer
Indeed, it's overcomplicated. Why can't every operating system just do what Windows does? It makes life so much easier, and makes the executables feel less generic and more interesting to look at with a custom icon...