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Linux Ubuntu Build Box for GMS 2

I couldn't get this to work. The test connection always ended up failing after many trial and error attempts.

I got it working on a virtual machine instead, so that fixes my problem. This is my first time exporting to Linux.

It would have been nice to use this though. Not sure what I did wrong, I feel like I did everything correctly. Installed all the requirements, ran things as admin and set my entire system to admin, ran the start.bat, and inputted the configurations into GMS2.

Axl Trauts

Hi! I installed VirtualBox, Vagrant and the plugin. Haven't done anything special extra. But the test connection fails. Maybe I need to set up something on VirtualBox? I'm a bit new here.


Please make sure that you have selected both VirtualBox Networking drivers during its installation, and that the resulting VM is fully booted before trying the connection. Also make sure that File > Host Network Manager contains one adapter with the address mask