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Hello there!

How would you like a fully functional in-game terminal running in your project in the next 2 minutes? If that sounds good to you then get your hands on it at one of these places:
Yoyo Marketplace [$1.99]
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Itch.IO Store [$1.00]

This is the initial release of the UBG Command Console, one of the simplest-to-use terminal systems that can get you up and running right away.


You can create any command you can think of with any number of arguments. All you need to do is specify the command name and argument types and the console will execute a script of your choice while passing in all the user's arguments. If you don't want to spend time defining commands, no problem! Call the script ubg_terminal_define_commands_quick and a number of pre-defined commands will be added for you to get you going quickly by adding things like instance manipulation, room switching, and so forth.

What makes things so nice to use, though? Well, when the terminal is initialized it scans your resources and adds them to your argument hints automatically! Trying to modify a specific instance? Switching to a room? Calling a script? Setting a sprite? The system will be able to suggest names or IDs of the appropriate resources for you right in the terminal!

These are just some of the features you see off the bat, we've got more such as:
  • Argument hints
  • Intelligent hints can see and suggest game resources (scripts, rooms, objects, instances, etc) automatically
  • Command / Argument autocomplete
  • Terminal history scrolling, line-wrap, and multi-line detection
  • Change terminal colors, input style, prompt styles, size, line count, font spacing, and more!
  • Several build-in themes also included for your convenience
  • Terminal auto-adjusts to different font types and sizes
  • Cursor control, auto line-wrap, optional charset limitations
  • Numerous optional pre-defined commands to get going quickly
  • Full support for custom command definitions of any argument count
  • Command overloading supported
  • User argument inputs can optionally have their datatypes auto-converted for your script handling
Platform Support / Resources
Like all of my commercial extensions, the documentation is available online.

The system is programmed in native GML while avoiding platform-specific calls in order to provide maximum compatibility. However, the internal systems are designed for a system with keyboard input. While functions are provided to manually activate the terminal and submit input, thus making it possible to use on systems without a keyboard, if you wish to have a seamless experience a keyboard is necessary.

I provide active development for my paid extensions through the lifetime of the version of GameMaker that they are targeted for. This includes fixing reported bugs, addressing changes with GameMaker that may affect the system, and adding features commonly requested by customers.

If you own this extension and have a feature you need or want, let me know! You can contact me here in this topic or at
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