Released Typr - How Fast Can You Type?

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    In Typr you test your digital typing skills. Type the word on the screen correctly and score points, the faster you type, the more points you collect!

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    Gameplay Video

    Classic Mode

    Type both day-to-day and academic words in increasingly difficult paragraphs and sentences, scoring more and more points with each correctly typed word.

    otnMRrb - Imgur.png

    Gibrsh Mode

    Think you've breezed through classic and you're a fast typer? Gibrsh Mode offers you a unique experience, instead of giving you paragraphs the game will generate new words using random letters, numbers and symbols in increasing difficulty.

    YaOkD8J - Imgur.png


    Are you a slow but steady typer? Don't make mistakes and keep typing, the more correct letters you type in a row, the more points you score!
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