Free TwoTap – Furiously Addictive Speed Tapping Game - Android and Browser



I made a little game and it's been wildly successful getting 2950 hours of combined playtime in the first week and also being featured in Rock Paper Shotgun!

It’s a speed tapping game and its uncontrollably addictive. I am constantly getting people around the office showing me their new high score.

You can get the Android Play Store version:

And there is also a browser version you can get here:




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arrghhh... somebody stop me. You're right -- this is very addicting. I just made it to Level 77 after hitting "5.81 actions per second" Whoop Whoop indeed.

I played the HTML5 version on my PC. The instructions are clear and simple. And the difficulty level advances at a reasonable pace. It runs smoothly and it's easy on the eyes. The clap-drum beat is very cool too. What is that, btw? I mean, is it a commercial track? Or your own?

Anyway, nice job on this. These kinds of games have a good track record on mobile devices. You may have a viral hit on your hands. So good luck with it..
Haa this is addictive. Really simple but really addictive. Played on browser, but will get mobile version and see how I do on that when looking to kill some time! Good stuff.


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really, why is it so addictive?

EDIT: New Screenshot xD
Some feedback :) I think you should change the transition from the game to the "failure screen" to be faster. it's kinda breaking the flow and makes me really impatient, otherwise great game!
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