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Hello everyone!

In the recent days I have been more active on twitter and added a lot of people to follow. It is always nice when I see people I recognize here from the forums. I have already added Shaun Spalding, Nocturne, Yal and probably some other people that I dont remember now.

Since a lot of people dont have their twitter accounts visible in their signature (myself included) and it would take forever to look through members user pages to find it I thought it would be easier if you could just post your twitter accounts if you have one here instead so I can follow you if I have not already done so.
And of course it is not only for me to add you but it would be easier for other members to see your accounts and add more followers.

Well I guess it would be stupid if I made this topic and did not mention my own, it is the same as my user name.

Gedor Games


Mine is quite new and a sad place of loneliness. I pretty much exclusively talk about my game(s), hoping for #gamedev to save meh. It's fun ish!

You can find me @NykolaR