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Discussion Tutorials Won't Download in Trial Version




I just downloaded the trial version of GMS 2 hoping run through the official tutorials. However, after clicking to install any tutorial, the progress bar for downloading gets to around 50% then suddenly disappears, and I am back to square one.

Also, the official demos won't import either.

A friend downloaded and ran through a tutorial yesterday (same OS, Windows 7), and I am not seeing anything like this on the forums or in Google searches. So it seems like this is very much on my side.

Any ideas? Let me know if you need any more details.


For anyone with this issue searching for an answer. I resolved this by modifying my computer's path variable. You can try following the instructions from this link. I'll paste them below for good measure:

The program subst.exe should be located in \Windows\System32.

1. If it’s not there, it has been deleted, so copy it from a sub-folder of \winsxs.

2. If it is there, it sounds to me as though it could be caused by the path statement not containing \Windows\System32. Right-click Computer > Properties > Advanced system settings in the left pane > Environment Variables at the bottom.

In the System variables box, scroll down to Path and double-click it.

In the Variable value box, add to the beginning %SystemRoot%\System32;

TAKE CARE THAT YOU TYPE ANY CHANGES CORRECTLY and make sure you include the semicolon which separates each of the locations.