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This list is still under construction, so there's room for improvement in category choices and grouping. I'll open it for comments and suggestions. After a suitable time, the topic will probably be closed, but I'll always welcome suggestions by PM.

A few comments:
  • The list contains the first 4 pages (or nearly so) of the Tutorials Forum (so far).
  • There's no attempt at ranking -- i.e., all accepted tutorials are included.
  • Categories were not chosen a priori. They are based on the tutorials indexed so far. Important categories that were omitted may be added later. And some existing categories may be omitted.
  • This is intended to help beginners, but isn't meant to replace the forum's search option.

If desired, (prolific) tutorial authors may PM me a link list of their own tutorials. Approved lists will be added to this post.

Lighting and ray-cast shadows, etc.

Simulate a light effect around a sprite (player, fire, explosion...)

Quick Ray-Traced (QRT) Lighting Tutorial

Fake Light

Ultra-Fast 2D Dynamic Lighting System

Platformer engines, slopes, moving platforms, jumping, etc.
Platform Engine, by Martin Piecyk - updated to GM:Studio

Cameras (Following Players, and Influenced Objects)

Slopes and Platformer Movement for Beginners

Drag and Drop Platformer Series

Basic Physics Platformer Controls

True Perfect Platformer Controls (input buffer, air control, diagonal collision, etc)

Ultimate Platform Engine

Gamemaker Studio 2: Moving Platforms and One Way Platforms(All in One)

Easy Double Jump

Platformer Pathfinding. Tutorial

Making A Simple Metroid Style Map With 2D Arrays

Rocket Jumping Tutorial Project

General shader use, and various shader effects
Shader - Replace Color

Damage Shader

Shaders - Simple Outline

Toon and Outline Shaders

Shaders for hobby programmers: Newest Video: LUT maps

Shaders Intro (Explanations & 2 Example Shaders)

A quick overview what shaders are - No coding!

Multi-texture Shader for 3D

Complete engines, and tutorials focusing on specific genres
New beginner's tutorials from the author of The Game Maker's Apprentice

Coding Fundamentals in GML Tutorial Series

GameMaker Studio 2 - Make a Lunar Lander Game

GameMaker Studio 2 - Make a Warplane Game

Make a Spelunky Level Generator in Gamemaker

Balloon Fight Clone Tutorial

Dungeon Crawler with Random Mechanics

Introduction To Game Design & Programming In GameMaker Studio 2

Snake Clone Tutorial

NES Ice Climber Clone Tutorial

How to code a match 3 game and backtracking algorithm basics.

Making Your First Game: 9 Free Tutorials [Drag & Drop]

Making a Snake Game

Gravity Platformer and 3D Terrain Racer

Flappy Bird Clone(ish) Tutorial [VIDEO]

General graphics effects using particles, text effects, tiles, etc.
Creating Sweet Particle Effects in GMS2

Using surfaces to generate reflections

GMS 2.3 beta : Create a Starfield using Struct

Swaying grass tutorial - GMWolf

Simple Background Gradient Render

Breathing or Heartbeat Indicator (Spriteless!)

Introduction to Particles -- Building Particle Types! (YouTube)

Animated Tiles

Fast Grass in GMS 2 (Thousands of grass "instances" with high FPS)

ScreenShake Methode 1 & 2 (Français - French)

Text Shadow

Action scene - Animated background like in megaman or manags

n-layered auto tiling using vertex buffers.

Cool effect using particles to display a picture

Graphics Library

All direction dragonball laser beam

Pixel Flipboard Style Animation

tiling an image between sets of coordinates

Basic programming
What's the Difference: Loop Structures vs. Step Checks and Alarms

How NOT to use && and ||

Configurations & Macros

Explode String by Delimiter

Intermediate Topics of GameMaker

Why Yin-Yang if Blocks suck

What's the difference: Objects and Instances

Introduction to IF Conditions (DnD) [GMS2]

Alarm Usage

Syntax and Additions and Changes in v2.3

Resource IDs and Strings

Accessors - how to remember their symbols, how to use them

Object and sprite motion control
Calculating a non-axis aligned bounce/reflection vector for collision resolution

Perfect Tween Type Object Rotation and Falling (Tetris, Gear Platforms, etc)

Rotation collision (example: top-down car)

Better hitscan for the Top-Down shooter

Realistic Throttle Response (Flight Physics PART 1)

Object Sprite Direction Tutorial (8 Directions)

Easy Enemy AI (Idle, Chase, Attack, and Flee)

GameMaker Studio 2 - Tile collision + slopes

Segmented enemy

On Slopes and Grids: subpixel-perfect topdown movement and collision line without objects

Creating Smooth Character Movement

Bounds Follow Camera

Top Down Drag and Drop Tutorial

Room transition effects
Transition System using Sequences

Torigara's Room Transitions Revisited

Transitions - DND and GML

Connecting Rooms Through Doors

GM Studio in Linux OS
Run the GMS2 IDE on Ubuntu 19.04

Buttons, dialogs, custom controls, menus, etc.
Buttons, Design, and GameMaker Studio 2.3

Simple Virtual Keys

GUI "Layer", buttons & mobile game

Menus with Submenus

Simple GUI Buttons and GUI Coordinates

Easy Branching Dialogue System

Keyboard layout key definitions for customized controls

RPG Textbox Tutorial -- Supports Character Names & Images

GUI Tutorials: Buttons and Option Lists

Interaction Hints

Data structures for game saving, feature lists, etc.
JSON and GameMaker Studio 2

Professional game saving with binary files

Making your Games Multilingual via auto-loading JSON files

Using TexturePacker: A guide to proper external loading and texture management

How to localize your game using Json

Time Rewind Feature Tutorial

Using ds_grids for Calculations

JSON Saving with Structs/Arrays

Miscellanious catch-all for now. (Some links will move to other categories later.)
Using show_debug_message()

Super Simple Depth Sorting

GMS 2.3: Feature Tutorials

Updating your scripts so they run like they used to before GMS 2.3

Intro To Multi-Threading

Realtime 3D Animations (Morph-Targets) [+Source]

The Knight's Tour

Asynchronous C++ DLL Extension creation in Eclipse

Do things with draw_line function: conected lines

Reproduce CSS easing functions with Animation Curves

Unlimited Alarms

Basic extension creation

Getting started with C++ DLL Extension creation in Eclipse

Shuffle card deck and map values

Complex Skill Trees

Contdown Timer && Count-Up Timer [GMS2]

Advance Level Unlocking

Basic Level Unlocking System

Minimap Tutorial

Steering Behaviours: The AI system everyone needs for their game

Create a burst fire gun or enemy spawner

Top Down Cover Finding( warning computationally expensive)

Simple Metroidvania Map Implementation

Creating a Field of View

2D Hitscan

Shop System & Downloadable Levels (PDF + Project Files) + New Examples

Making and Displaying a Minimap

Reusable Automatic Map/Minimap

Fully Functional Inventory System

How to plan and manage code for larger projects

Real-time Spell Checking (250,000+ English Dictionary Words)

Turn Based System

Puzzle Switches

Smooth Camera + Pan/Zoom [YouTube]

Custom Encryption

Making HTML5 Extensions

Rhythmic programming, controlling objects with a metronome

Using in-game ads
Interstitial, Banners & Reward Ads Tutorial Series [VIDEO]

Push Notifications on Android

Source control, backups, code sharing
Git and Github for GameMaker

Using Source Control In GMS 2

Working with Git and backups

Mathematics for specific effects
Fast Bezier curve generator (any degree)

Machine path learning (genetic algorithm)

Conway's Game of Life

How to create Game of Life in GMS1.4 / GMS2

Useful Math For Game Development

Misc Maths Scripts

A free simple quadratic bezier curve script in GML

Cellular Automata for Cave Generation

Screen management
Advanced resolution manager (very mobile friendly)

How I scale my game on all iOS device based on the screen ratio

How to properly scale your game!

Scaling, Resolution, and Aspect Ratio Management for GMS1 & GMS2

Using servers and online data
Online Highscores

Cloud Saving for Android

Easiest way to send txt tiles to ftp server

Networking Tutorials (GMS 2 and 1.4)

Google Play Services fixes
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