Android Tutorial page is wrong about minimum apk version

Discussion in 'GameMaker Studio 2 Community Tech Support' started by NetZvezda, Mar 21, 2019.

  1. NetZvezda

    NetZvezda Member

    Jul 4, 2018
    So in a IAP and Ads tutorial it says to use minimum apk version 16, however, after turning on lint report, it gave me this error:

    Now, normally I wouldn't care about it, since I don't use gamepad in my game. However, one my users submitted an error report and the error mentioned gamepad library throwing errors, I thought this might be somehow related.(I have posted a thread about it, didn't get a reply, so I thought I would post a new one, to let everyone know. So just a heads up, minimum sdk for android version seems to be 19 not 16.
  2. Nedenir

    Nedenir Member

    Feb 9, 2017
    So i had this same problem, can't solve it, didn't even need gamepad dependencies in my project but still cant find a way to throw it out at the end i just switch to 19 and just move on, on the other hand lower apk version gives more users with older systems and more devices. By now i just don't care but seems like YOYO don't care either, looking on newer updates that messing with project's.

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