Windows Tusker's Number Adventure [Malware Detected]


Hi everyone, I’ve been working on this project for a little while now and thought I’d share it with you. It’s my first proper game made with GMS and has been quite a learning experience!



Tusker's Number Adventure is a unique adventure/puzzle experience, featuring simulated software glitches, malware alerts and unauthorised file transfers!

The game begins as a cutesy educational game for young children - but as you play it becomes apparent that all is not as it seems. Starting out with a series of simple tasks (collecting blackberries and apples for a fruit pie, delivering slices of pie to the villagers etc) things quickly take a more sinister turn and your personal data files are soon put at risk!

I've still got a fair bit of work ahead of me... but I’d love to hear what people think of the project so far.
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The Steam page for the game is now up and running:

I’m happy to say it’s actually getting a handful of people wishlisting it daily - so pleased to see it’s generating a little bit of interest!

There’s still a way to go with development yet though… and I’m unsure exactly how the game story should end!
Note to self: Next time nail down the story completely before starting development!

Also wondering what I should be doing (if anything) to start marketing the game. Any tips?


It appears as a kids game but takes a dark shift. Looks interesting. Funny Tusker has no tusks.


Funny Tusker has no tusks.
Haha you're right! I hadn't even realised that!

Definitely get in touch with Youtubers and offer free codes for your game. Horror indie games especially live and die based off word of mouth.
Thanks for the advice. The game is actually more of an adventure/puzzle game with a dark twist so not sure how interested Youtubers would be in it.


Updated Teaser Trailer has just been added to my original post showing a little more game variety.
The game is now pretty much complete - so I'm hopeful that I may only be a few weeks away from release now!
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I know many people who like glitch games... different than glitchy games of course. There aren't enough glitch games and this could be great for that audience.