Legacy GM Turn Based Combat YT Series

Aaron Craig

Turn Based Combat

GM Version: GameMaker Studio
Target Platform: PC
Download: NA
Links: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwfY1MeupeNaI6OstJUDY112YBgUOvsgT

Starting from scratch, learn how to create a turn based combat battle system, like in Chrono Trigger, or Final Fantasy from the olden days. This first series gets you started, and then there's also an advanced series, to add mutliple types of enemies, and multiple characters to choose from.

Here is the playlist from YouTube:


Chrono trigger isn't true turn-based combat, though. It's, "wait for your meters to fill and then select options while the enemies attack you." Turn-based combat is when the player and enemy parties actually take turns attacking each other.


Yea they're all 1.4, I never used 1.4 so square peg round hole lol, but thank you checking that link out now.


I bought it, don't know if I'll use it besides expanding my learning of GM / GML, but it's a cause I can support :D
Haha don't worry you're not alone, I've got loads of extensions / assets and stuff I'll never use but I wanted to give a little to someone who had made something cool with a few dollars to show my support.


This is what I came up with:

GMS isn't very random so you have to add randomize(); anywhere in the object before the random / irandom code you're using to effect any random / irandom code you're using. Or you can set the random seed yourself to which you can find on youtube several videos on how to set the seeding.