Tubetastic: Couch Multiplayer + Online (PvP/PvE) [Windows, Android, iOS]


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Project Lead: @Chris Goodwin
Programmer, Community Manager: @matharoo
Art by

About the game

Welcome to Tubetastic: World Splashfest where 1-4 tubers enter the pool, but only one can be crowned king. Immerse yourself in an acid trip sea of fast-paced chaos as you use your arsenal of weapons to battle your way to the top. Seek out face-owning power-ups, master the art of boosting and bouncing to dodge your enemies, hunt down your friends and foes with brute force, or laser beam unicorns up the you know what.

Tubetastic is best played competitively with friends while your feet are soaking in an ice-cold tub of water singing the hit tune “Unda Da Sea”. Play Head on battle royales or work cooperatively to survive the variety of dynamic enemies that lurk in the deep.

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Gameplay with bots

(WIP) Online gameplay
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Looks interesting. The art style looks like a blend of Ed "Big Daddy" Roth and Peter Max.


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Will you be doing an EA special and releasing different tube skins as DLC?
New tubers in DLCs is very much possible, but also something we're currently not thinking about. And what do you mean by "Early access special"?

John Andrews

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This game looks pretty cool and I've been following it for a while now, it's graphics remind me of hotline miami which I really like, I'll wait for a playable version because the gameplay looks really promising and fun.


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The game has been released as Early Access! You can purchase it now on Steam, or download the free demo for a taste. :)