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Question - Code Trying to understand Gamemaker's Lan Project example

Hello there, I was recently looking at Gamemaker's 1.4 Lan project demo and I wasn't really able to understand fully the purpose of this chunk of code

This one is located at the async event
/// Server network control
var eventid = ds_map_find_value(async_load, "id");

if( server == eventid ){
    // If the socket ID is the server one, then we have a new
    /// client connecting, OR an old client disconnecting
}else if( eventid==global.client){
    // Do nothing if this is for our "local" client
    // All other sockets are connected client sockets, and we have recieved commands from them.
When I look at other tutorials using 2 projects , they don't use thisif( server == eventid )
Can anyone explain this concept to me
sorry if this sounds like a newbie question

Thanks :)


The other tutorials probably have something along the lines of async_load[? "id"] == server, which is equivalent to what's done here if you trace back where eventid gets its value. Looking for exact word-for-word matches is a fool's errand, look instead for logical similarities.