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Discussion in 'Programming' started by NeonBits, Mar 2, 2019.

  1. NeonBits

    NeonBits Member

    Sep 22, 2017
    I don't know if I have everything to make it perfect. If you like puzzles, here's one:

    create_event :
    var_A = 660;
    var_B = 50;
    var_C = 0;
    "var_B" will decrease depending of the number inside "var_C".
    "var_C" will increase (0, 0.1, 0.2, etc) until it reaches 1. It can also decrease until it reaches 0.

    draw_sprite_ext ( spr_sprite,  0  , var_A  , .........);
    when "var_C" is greater than "0", I would like the sprite to move to the left until "var_A" reaches "415", during the small sequence held in "var_B".

    At "var_B = 50", "var_A" = "660".
    At "var_B = 0", "var_A" should be at "415" (660 - 415 = 245).

    the answer is "var_A -= someting" but I'm just making things too fast or too slow. Best I get is:
    var_A -= (245 / 100) * var_C;
    because of codes somewhere else, once the situation has changed, where "var_A" is still substracted until "415".

    edit: Maybe I should add that the sprite is 162w, 79h, origine: center, and is xscaled/yscaled at 0.1 for depth simulation.
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  2. RefresherTowel

    RefresherTowel Member

    Jul 13, 2016
    Can you name your variables according to what you actually want them to do? Are var_A and var_B the start point and end points of a line and var_C the percentage of the path the sprite should be on?
  3. NightFrost

    NightFrost Member

    Jun 24, 2016
    Your intent is a little unclear, but if you want to create linear movement between two points based on a time / counter variable, you should define start and end points with startx, starty, endx, endy. Then you can calculate current position for both coordinates doing current = start + (end - start) * time.
  4. NeonBits

    NeonBits Member

    Sep 22, 2017
    You can close this.
    I've managed to cheat logic with another logic... after an hundred attempts... It's not perfect but it's ok ( I hope..).
    I was trying to emulate background movement; I could not include the structure as part of it so I made it a sprite; I wanted it to get in the picture according to "distance" and "current speed", while the object was turning. Then had to fix the x/yscale...
    Thanks for the suggestion, but I could not make it work; I was trying upside down or I'm not good enough, probably both, but it moved too fast in the scene. So I adjusted movement compared to the different "speed situations" until it's "good".
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