SOLVED Trying to fix visual glitch in a sequence

I'm working on walking animation of a dragon. The dragon is modular, his body is made of objects that I will swap the sprites with so his body can take different forms.

The entire thing is made in a sequence and it looks good initially
idle bit.gif
dragib walk.gif

but I notice the body of the dragon bugs out a bit when in motion for a while. but the head stays in place. I don't know what's causing this

dragon bug.gif

If I'm doing this right. I have two sequences of the idle and walking animation. and they swap out depending on action taken, they are otherwise stored in the void until needed.

//player create event

        var dx = (global.right - global.left);
    var dy = (global.down - global.up);

    // is shooting in some direction:
    if (dx != 0 || dy != 0) {
      //  (instance_create_layer(x, y-5, "sort_begin",oSpore)).direction = point_direction(0, 0, dx, dy)
     // image_angle=point_direction(x, y, x+dx, y+dy)


        if global.right
        {    layer_sequence_xscale(dragon_walk, 1); 
            layer_sequence_xscale(dragon_idle, 1);}
                if global.left
        {    layer_sequence_xscale(dragon_walk, -1); 
            layer_sequence_xscale(dragon_idle, -1);}
        if dx !=0 || dy!=0
            if layer_sequence_exists("Assets_2",dragon_walk)
            layer_sequence_x(dragon_walk, x);
            layer_sequence_y(dragon_walk, y);
                        if layer_sequence_exists("Assets_2",dragon_idle)
            layer_sequence_x(dragon_idle, -100);
            layer_sequence_y(dragon_idle, -100);
                    if layer_sequence_exists("Assets_2",dragon_idle)
            layer_sequence_x(dragon_idle, x);
            layer_sequence_y(dragon_idle, y);
                        if layer_sequence_exists("Assets_2",dragon_walk)
            layer_sequence_x(dragon_walk, -100);
            layer_sequence_y(dragon_walk, -100);

am i doing this right? it's hard to tell since it's hard to find more experiences with sequences. is anything my code is causing the dragon to move like that?
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It looks to me like the two sequences are briefly running in tandem? And one of them is not updating it's position for that moment. I wonder if maaaaaybe it has something to do with the frame running between when if dx !=0 || dy!=0 {//moving becomes invalid and else { //standing becomes valid (perhaps the movement code is being updated after this check or something?). As you said, sequences are relatively new so there's not much info floating around about their quirks. I personally haven't played with them very much at all.
I don't think that's the issue. if I bring the sequence out of the void to make it visible. It's swapping properly.
dragon swap.gif
gah never mind. it turns out I didn't delete all the tracks in my sequences. There has to be a better way to copy tracks to other sequences without duplicating the entire thing.