Windows TRUMP PINBALL IS LIVE- Free Download for first to claim!



Trump Impeachment Pinball is a game that had to happen and you'll be glad it did.
Get addicted to this simple, yet hard to put down instant-classic.

Since I created this game I haven't been able to stop playing it :)

Made in good humor and with the intentions of bringing some smiles into this world <3

• Engaging game-play.
• Retro feel.
• Over 25 sound effects made from actual Trump quotes!
• Addicting in such a good way.
• Try it for yourself!

\/ -Free key first come first serve- \/ CLAIMED- check back next week for another.
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Samuel Venable

Time Killer
lol this looks really well done. I would've liked to seen the icon either in a higher resolution, or the same resolution but not scaled up so much on this page because that made it look blurry. That said, the actual game captures the essence of these political figures quite well, and in the comical way that any news or political related cartoonist ought to do. Thumbs up on the release!