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Hey Gamemakers! Welcome to TrueState!

(Also available at

GMS1.4 Script Pack now available on Itch!

TrueState is a robust finite state machine to help you organize and control even the most complex of objects. From something as simple as a door that can be open and closed, to the most complex action platforming hero, anything is possible with TrueState!

  • 16 Scripts for creating, switching, and queuing states
  • Single script to control both step and draw events
  • Run specific code on the first frame of a new state
  • Know how long you've been in a state
  • Easily switch to the previous state
  • State History (useful for debugging)
  • Setup attack combos and special abilities easier than ever
  • Pure GML implementation ensures compatibility on all platforms!
  • Comprehensive manual with 1 page quickstart guide in the included files!
  • Plus all the benefits of using a Finite State Machine in the first place, like more organized code and easier debugging

Demo Project Features
The demo includes two small projects: a simple top down action RPG and a complex action platformer. A comprehensive manual, including a quickstart guide is also available to get you up and running as fast as possible.

Top Down Example:
- 2 Characters, 1 gate, 1 chest.
- 11 different states
- Art created by @GrogDev you are free to use in your own game!

Action Platformer Example:
- 1 Character, 15 states
- States include: running, jumping, 3 hit ground combo, 3 hit air combo, wall slide and kick
- Character art created by Rvos -

As always, if you'd like a free copy of the asset, feel free to send me a private message here, on Discord, or on Twitter. If you have any questions, you can post them here, or ask on Discord.
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A finite state machine system from Pixelated_Pope himself? Would love to get my hands on this.
Any chance for a 1.4 version?

Kind Regards
@cgPixel You aren't the first to request it. I'm pretty sure the system can be made compatible with GMS1.4, just would take a little bit of tweaking. It's on my to do list, and I'll make sure to tweet and update the thread when it becomes available.

@Amon Thank You! If you have any questions, issues, or feature requests, let me know.
Just a heads up, I recently released TrueState 2.0! It's a free update for all those who already own TrueState.

You can read all about the changes (and whether you should upgrade your current project from 1.0 to 2.0) over on

Where do we download TrueState 2 from?
If you've already purchased it from the marketplace, you can just download it from there through your library inside GMS2. Similarly, if you've purchased it through itch, there should be a new download available for the 2.0 example project. And if you aren't sure about it, and would like to try it before you buy, just send me a DM and I'll hook you up with a key for the version.


Yep, I've seen it in my Library. Usually though the icon that tells you an asset has been updated is on so that you click it to update but it doesn't show it for me. Unless I have to refresh. I'll try importing the current one anyway to see if the package is updated. The server moves and updates lately could just be having a hiccup.


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@Pixelated_Pope Be honest with me...would you prefer a purchase on the yoyogames marketplace or on I'm going to be putting my fhinput on itch soon and I'm wondering how your experiences have been comparing the marketplaces. Also, I'm going to purchase this asset and wonder which way you prefer for that reason as well.
Personally, it doesn't make a big difference for me. If you purchase it on yoyo, you can add it to your projects/get updates easier. So that's honestly what I recommend. Sales, wise, my numbers are overall much better on the GM Marketplace compared to Itch, but it's worth getting it up on both. I also like Itch for being able to have a comment thread to help people out and blog posts when you release updates or guides for the asset. GM Marketplace doesn't really have that.


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OK, I thought maybe you would prefer one or the other due to either pricing structure(profit splitting), or if you were close to that $100 paywall that Yoyo's market has. I've read and seen about the features of the itch marketplace that simply don't exist on Yoyo's. Since they closed their publishing division I'm wondering if they are going to end up closing the marketplace at some point or not. I haven't heard or seen anything about them adding features to it so its a possibility.
I've been active on the marketplace for... years at this point, and between TrueState, PalSwapper, and TopDownMovement I often get a check every couple of months from Yoyo (although things have slowed down a bit lately, I'll admit).

Feature wise, the marketplace has stagnated a lot, and I think Yoyo is happy with the current level of revenue they get from it and aren't interested in investing in making it a better platform right now. If you want to chat raw numbers and go into more detail with my experience, you are welcome to hit me up on Discord: pixelated_pope#7777


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No worries, I'm not too worried about details...just was wondering how it was for you in a general sense, which I think you have pretty much covered. Part of my asking was because I figured if you were borderlining that $100 earning requirement I would be better supporting you on Yoyo's market, but if you make more on itch, then it would be better there. That said, I also was considering adding my current fhinput asset and possible future assets on itch like many do. I've basically at this point decided instead to just stick with Yoyo's market for now, and maybe if my business picks up more and customers start requesting alternatives then I would consider using itch. My reasoning is that I figure if we get them more income, they may eventually invest. Also, there is nothing that would stop me from giving out itch keys later if I needed to do some kind of transfer(as opposed to simply adding the alternative). That said, I'm planning on releasing any actual games on itch most likely, but that's another discussion.