Free Trouble in Westwytch - an action RPG

Sir Raitan

Hello everybody! It is high time I present to you my first real game.

Trouble in Westwytch is an action RPG set in a medieval world. The game takes you to Westwytch – a small village plagued by a curse which makes pumpkins come to life. In the game you fight pumpkins, help villagers and investigate who’s behind the curse. The game is fairly short – it can be completed in 20 to 30 minutes and features a total of 6 quests. Every NPC in the game has dialogue.
screen5.png screen4.png

The game was made on my free time over the last year or so and was great learning experience.

A question you could have is "Why is a game with an autumn/ halloween setting released in spring?" The reason being that it is my favorite time of the year (aaand I kinda missed my deadlines by a huge margin due to my time mismanagement and other personal stuff).
screen8.png dd.png

You can get the game on

Last few notes:
  • Any feedback on this project is appreciated. Since I learn most of the stuff you need to make a game on my own, feedback will help me steer myself in the right direction.
  • If you encounter a bug, please contact me. While I tried to make the game as solid as I could, there’s a small chance I have missed something.