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The Tropical Island Tileset consists of 32x32 tiles and is designed for use in a side-scrolling platformer. It Includes ground and wall tiles for both beach and grass, as well as transitions between the two. They are designed with 16 slice auto-tiling in mind. Slopes are also included for both grass and sand with two steepness levels each.

This pack also includes several "prop" sprites, including a palm tree, a rock, and tillable bushes. In addition there is a tileable ocean/sky background. These are not animated.

Below is a list of all included assets:

  • 33 Beach Tiles (16-slice, slopes, etc.)

  • 33 Grass Tiles (16-slice, slopes, etc.)

  • 4 Transition Tiles (between grass and sand)

  • 5 "Inside" (or underground) Tiles for the Beach and Grass Tiles(with/without rocks)

  • 5 bush Tiles (with/without flowers)

  • 1 Palm Tree sprite

  • 1 Rock Sprite

  • Tileable Ocean BG

  • Tileable Clouds BG

  • Tileable Sky BG
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