Beta Trials of the Deep --- NEW UPDATE 2/25/17 [A mario/broforce inspired platformer]



Trials of the Deep

Trials of the Deep is a game that I wanted to create the moment I started binge watching Mark Brown's game makers toolkit videos. My goal is to complete it within 3 months and upload it onto and gamejolt.

Time elapsed(approx): 3 months :(
Deadline: 3 months

Controls: Arrow keys + space

UPDATE 12/15/16
Fixed glitches,
Added settings to control sounds
Redesigned the alpha levels
Changed sprites
New enemies

UPDATE 1/1/17
New boss
more levels
new enemy
more things to shoot!

UPDATE 2/25/17
fullscreen supported
another new boss
6 more levels
new enemies
new guns
an easter egg. if you can find it post it down (none of you will though :p)

worth mentioning: happy new year guys ;)

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Very nice, I love how the weapons feels, they are so strong that they will kick the player away xD

Maybe you should considering being able to shot in different directions, I could see this being useful at using the weapons as a way to get air-control, imo that would make shooting even more satisfying that it already is, and also, potentially, increase the skill ceiling for the game. (Maybe WASD + Mouse, or a Twin Stick Setup for Gamepads).

I also like how to the level mechanics works, different types of blocks, how things work by shooting them xD.


When closed the application, it didn't actually closed, but instead, it kept running in the Background and I had to kill it through the task manager. If you want any kind of info send me a PM.

Oh, another thing, you might want to consider changing the name of the game to something else (Click me).

Good luck!


(download link has been updated)

Whats new?

  • 6 Properly designed levels rather than the old 4
  • Levels are more unique and memorable
  • A new boss has been introduced
  • More things to shoot
Overall a more complete feeling game. I can go ahead and explain everything thats been added but i think its best if you try it out for yourself :p
dont forget to drop a post here if you enjoyed the game.

Download link below (OUTDATED)

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Francois Coquelet

Very nice game !
The feels of the weapons is nice, good ideas to shoot the bloks (or anything) to interact with it :)

It took you three month to make it?
What's the next step?

Keep up the good work!
Just played your game and here's some feedback:

Graphics: I mentioned art style in another post already. As for resolution: I absolutely don't like to play a windowed game. Kills the immersion. I think I haven't played any game that didnt allow me to switch to full screen except stuff like solitair or minesweeper and I'm pretty much sure there's alot of gamers feeling the same way.

Sound: ok enough if you really wanted bleeps. If you wanted more and didn't know where to get it, here's a nice site I downloaded sounds from (not for free but very well done and worth the few bucks):

Effects: The game is a bout shooting, so I'd try to make shooting look and sound more fun. The screenshake is great already. Add flashes, distortion, big bangs and whatever it needs to the shooting and impacts to make the player feel more immersed.

Game Design: I like how you focus on shooting.
Everything the player does he does by shooting: kill enemies, create blocks, temporarily create blocks, remove blocks, hit a switch, open the exit ... I think you need to find more gameplay elements where shooting is needed to progress though or the player will not experience alot new after a few levels and might get bored with it. Maybe add shooting puzzles like shoot a platform to make it move and stop and the player needs to arrange platforms to progress. Introduce new stuff every few levels. and then let the player learn those new elements.
Also I like that in a game about shooting the player also needs to consider recoil. This could even used as puzzle or progress element as well. Have a heavy recoil gun that is needed to reach far away platforms. The player needs to jump and shoot backwards to reach it. Or to jump higher wich howefer would mean you'd need to allow shooting downwards.

Controls: Ever since I got a gamepad several years ago I can't play these games on keyboard anymore. I'd strongly suggest to support gamepads for all players like me :) But as far as I can tell (with my little experience with a keyboard) the controls feel accurate and clean - wich is good in my book. Not fan of sliding characters on a platformer.

All in all: I like the concept, I like the controls but it needs more meat, more bang, more ideas. However if you want to finish in just another month ...


Seems like this is a pretty old version given the screenshots I've seen of the game around the forum but I'll give you my feedback anyway:

- It seemed a bit odd to be using the mouse in the menu when it's not needed in-game, best make it keyboard-friendly
- Far too much recoil when shooting guns, especially given that the default one shouldn't feel as powerful as the power-up variations, can make platforming a pain when you shoot in mid-air to dispatch an enemy and end up falling to your death because you were blown back a bit too far
- Far too much screen shake when breaking open a chest, screen shake works, yes, but only in moderation, the current implementation hurt my head a bit
- Pressing C to continue is another odd choice, generally you should keep menu interaction strictly limited to the same keys used for gameplay, space would work better
- Variable jump height would greatly help with the feel of the movement, it currently feels quite imprecise which is a big blow to a game with a heavy focus on platforming especially when combined with shooting and tricky jumps in later stages
- Wasn't a fan of the puzzle section (if I can call it that) where you lure the bomb towards the large square to get it to trigger, it didn't feel like it belonged in the game and it slowed down gameplay which was already quite slow-paced
- I found the boss fight a chore and it highlighted one of the annoying aspects of combat where enemies can approach you from many directions but only being able to shoot horizontally (the tentacles appearing without warning was an issue too)
- The blocks in the boss fight that you're supposed to activate with bullets were troublesome to climb onto due to the placement of the platform above them as I kept bumping into it

The ideas have potential but you have to first sort out movement, and then you have to decide whether you want a faster-paced action game and make the necessary changes or settle for a slower platformer with shooting. I apologize if the review seems harsh but I tried to highlight the things I saw as being an obstacle to your intentions and offered solutions when I could.


To all who gave me feed back, thank you. You have truly shaped my game into something better than it once was. This will be the final version of the game before i finish it and release it onto the Made with Gamemaker forum section.
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