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Music is one of the sticking points for me, not sure what to do with it haha.

Just designing the base tracks for the game right now, then polishing it up a bit. Got a couple of new features to add in, and then I might wrap up development of this. I haven't got the spare time to work on it as much as I'd like nowadays.


Just a note to say I'm still working on this.

I started a job on the 10th of May this year, and I really haven't spent a great deal of time on TRF since then.

I finished adding in the Championship mode, where you play through a few races at once, and have to have the highest points at the end of it, there's no unlockables yet, although I would like to add some for this mode.

As my spare time is diminished, online multiplayer has been written off the roadmap. My network programming experience is limited, I've only made 1 game with networking in before, and that was sketchy at best. Doing multiplayer on this reasonably-sized game is just a bit too much for me to handle on my own with the time I have.

The Android version is also being scrapped, I don't think there's much interest for a multiplayer focused game on mobile, and the cost both financially and in terms of time is just more than I'm prepared to pay.

As I've taken the pressure off with getting rid of online-multiplayer and the Android port, I've switched the focus to making the local multiplayer as fun as possible.

Currently the focus is adding as many game modes / mini games as possible. In addition to the standard modes such as racing, elimination and drift, there'll be at least 5 other minigames/modes for you to try out.

These will take place in "Battle Arenas", instead of your usual race tracks, and the track editor has been updated to allow the creation of new Battle Arenas. They're smaller, 3840x2160 instead of 12800x12800 like race tracks, but this means you can fit the whole map on screen at once, and allows for 8 players to play together on one PC.

There's also been some small changes I've managed too add in over the last few months, such as weather affecting car performance, and some updates to the UI.

Hope to post updates more regularly for the rest of the year.


Hey everyone,

I took a step back from TRF lately, to focus on a couple of game jams I was doing for fun, and to just relax and not feel pressured to work on a big project like this.

Rather than detail all that's been worked on (since 0.5.0 in April), I decided to just post the whole changelog for what's happened since then.

ADD: Added animation for weapon pickups.
ADD: Added event setting to disable car collisions.
ADD: Added Delta-timing, allowing players on lower-end devices to still play the game without slowdown.
ADD: Added ability to make Battle Arenas in the track editor.
ADD: Weather now affects car physics. Cars have less traction in rain/snow etc.

CHANGE: Improved the way resolution is scaled, increases quality on displays higher than 720p resolution.
CHANGE: All Car classes have again increased in speed slightly.
CHANGE: The Bolt and Reverse weapons now travel faster.
CHANGE: Weapon cooldown changed from 3 seconds to 2 seconds, to compensate for faster cars.
CHANGE: Lighting system has been greatly optimized.
CHANGE: Reduced delay between starting an event and the countdown timer starting.
CHANGE: Bolt and Reverse weapons can no longer hit the car that fired them, a change to implement Delta Timing.
CHANGE: Sakura blossom trees have been optimized.
CHANGE: Adjusted the pitch/gain settings of car sounds to fit the faster cars and take into account Delta Timing.
CHANGE: Desert track pieces changed to fit in with the environment background better.
CHANGE: Braking power has been slightly reduced.
CHANGE: Engine changes mean performance should be markedly improved. (Updated from GMS 1.4 to 2.x)
CHANGE: Changed the main menu UI to simplify and allow creation of Battle Arenas.

FIX: Weapon Pad lighting should no longer flicker.
FIX: Pulse weapon should now affect people around you, instead of just behind you.
FIX: Cars can no longer rotate on the spot again.
FIX: The 'Drafting' mutator should actually turn off when it's disabled now.
FIX: Fixed an issue caused by Drafting.
FIX: You can no longer change mode in the track builder unless the drop down box is open.
FIX: Options menu now scales better with resolution.
FIX: Changing laps in the lobby no longer affects the laps of championship races.
FIX: Fixed a bunch of scaling issues in the menus.
There's a couple of things being worked on that I haven't included in the changelog, as I've only put things in that are finished. These include a new game mode, and a couple of ideas I'm about to implement.

This version isn't available yet, as I still need to fix some issues related to the Battle Arena's, but I hope it have it available soon, along with a couple of Battle Arena game modes, both of which will be playable in 8 player.

Any suggestions for minigames / game modes for the Battle Arena's would be most welcome, or general suggestions for the game.

Thanks everyone!


Working on a new system for the drift mode.

Instead of programming an AI that drifts accurately/well on a variety of tracks, which is a bit beyond me, I'm instead making a system that analyzes track layouts, and then calculates realistic drift scores for the AI, which should hopefully provide a challenging experience, even on user-made tracks.

Currently I have it taking into account consecutive corners to allow AI to build up the drift multiplier. On harder difficulties the AI can also "snake" on straights to keep their multiplier up. The scores it gets per corner and on the straights is based on what a player would roughly be able to score on them.

The harder difficulty still needs a little work, as right now the scores it can post can be quite varied and random, so I'm trying to narrow it down to be fairly consistent, and still hard to beat.

Another thing that slipped through the net that I never mentioned on here, is the addition of a new game mode: Zen.

Zen is very much inspired by the "Zone" mode in WipEout. You're forced to always be accelerating, your top speed will increase over time, the faster you're going, the more points you rack up, going off the track will result in your score being penalised. The AI likewise struggle with this mode, as brakes are disabled in Zen, and the speeds will eventually exceed the speed of a Hyper class car. I'll most likely implement a calculation of the AI's score, much-like I'm working on with the Drift mode right now, rather than have the AI attempting to drive in Zen.

Both the Drift calculations and Zen mode will be available in the next release.

A feature that was often requested is also now in the game, in that Elimination rounds will now auto-resolve when no human players are left in the round. The AI that is furthest ahead will automatically win the round.


The games Steam store page is now up! Please add it to your wishlist if you're interested!

There's been a bunch of work done over the past couple of weeks, finishing up adding the Infection and Zen game modes, as well as adding an additional game mode of "Pass the Bomb", where every 30 seconds the car with the bomb is eliminated, you have to touch other cars to pass it along.

There's more game modes to come soon.

AI calculations for Drift and Zen mode are done, so the game analyzes the track, and should produce an achievable and reasonable target for you to reach, even on user created tracks.

I'll also be adding AI difficulty levels for all game modes, as some have been finding the game a little difficult.

All game modes will support a minimum of 4 local players, with battle game modes supporting up to 8 local players. Every game mode will support AI drivers.

Thanks for checking it out!

Feel free to ask any questions or offer suggestions.


Took it for a quick spin, love how the car handles! W10 dpi settings pushes the edges of the game offscreen in fullscreen without altering the properties, though I think this is a GameMaker problem and not something you can fix yourself! Apart from that, everything seems to work as intended.

Drifting is super fun, my only suggestion is maybe working on the artstyle a little more, although in a way it gives me a nice traditional GM feel. Great use of particles on the rough terrain too!

AI calculations for Drift and Zen mode are done, so the game analyzes the track, and should produce an achievable and reasonable target for you to reach, even on user created tracks.
Clever stuff, good luck on the game!


Took it for a quick spin, love how the car handles! W10 dpi settings pushes the edges of the game offscreen in fullscreen without altering the properties, though I think this is a GameMaker problem and not something you can fix yourself! Apart from that, everything seems to work as intended.

Drifting is super fun, my only suggestion is maybe working on the artstyle a little more, although in a way it gives me a nice traditional GM feel. Great use of particles on the rough terrain too!
Thanks for testing it out.

The in-game scaling is probably fine now, I myself run at 150% scaling as I use a TV for my monitor, and my friends use 100 or 125% and they've not reported having problems, so it's likely fixed in the latest version.

Graphics are my weakest point, I'm not so good at making things all fit together, but I have a friend who's taking a look at them, they'll probably change a little before release.

The driving however, is unchanged for the most part, so I'm glad you like it. :D

Another game mode is almost added, Hold The Gold, where you have to hold on to the gold for as long as possible, being hit by another player transfers the gold to them, the player that has held it for the longest period of time by the end of the timer wins!


Today's post is just a summary of all that the game is planned to have for its launch in June. Most of what's mentioned here has been covered in previous posts, but this is a collection of all of that, so the information is all in one place, and this will be posted elsewhere too.

Here's what the game is planned to have:

At least 8, currently we have 7:

Race: Simple racing gamemode, finish the set number of laps, features weapons which can be turned on and off. 1-4 Players, played on race tracks.

Elimination: Shared-screen eliminator mode, think Micro-Machines, falling off the screen is death. Last car standing wins a point, first to set number of points wins. 1-8 Players, played on race tracks.

Drift: A target score is generated for the track, drift around corners and keep your combos on the straights to earn big points, car collisions are disabled. 1-4 Players, played on race tracks.

Zen: A target score is generated for the track, your cars power is constantly increasing, your car is always accelerating and there are no brakes, you earn points when driving around the track, but if you fall off the track, your points stop increasing. The driver who stays on the track the most when time runs out is the winner here! 1-4 Players, played on race tracks.

Infection: 1 Player starts as infected, their aim is to infect all the other cars by touching them. If a player becomes infected, they then have to infect other cars to earn points. Try to stay alive until the timer runs out to win in this game mode! 1-8 Players, played on battle arenas.

Pass The Bomb: A bomb is randomly placed on a car, they have to touch someone to pass it to them, if you have the bomb when the fuse runs out, BOOM, you're out of the event. Surviving as long as possible is how you earn points here. 1-8 Players, played on battle arenas.

Hold The Gold: A gold bar is placed somewhere on the map, race to pick it up, and then hold onto it for as long as you can! Being hit by another car will transfer the gold to them, whoever holds the gold earns points. Holding the gold for the most amount of time when the timer runs out will win you the event! 1-8 Players, played on battle arenas.

There will be a fully-functioning track editor in the final game. It's what I've used to make all the tracks currently in the game. It's capable of making both Race Tracks and Battle Arenas. It contains a racing-line editor so you can tune the AI to your standards, as well as determining what classes as "cheating" on your race tracks, stopping people from cutting corners.

There are 4 car classes in the game, Street, Sports, Super & Hyper.

Car performance in each class is identical, however there are 8 styles of car in each class you can choose from. Sports is the default class, and is recommended for most drivers to start with, Hyper is for more advanced drivers who want a challenge.

The following controllers have been tested and work with TRF: Xbox 360 Controller, Xbox One Controller, Dualshock 4. Mouse & Keyboard also work.

All game modes support at least 4 players, and some game modes support up to 8 players. Every game mode also has support for AI Drivers that will fill up the grid. When playing 1-4 player, the screen will be split. 5-8 player games, the screen will be zoomed out so everyone can fit on the screen.

The game has various weather conditions for you to choose from:

Clear, Rain, Stormy, Snow, Blizzard, Meteor.

Adverse weather conditions will affect car performance, so don't expect to stay on the road in a blizzard! And Meteor showers can really switch up a race.

There are also time of day settings to choose from, Dawn, Day, Dusk & Night.

Along with the standard event settings, such as amount of laps, weather and time of day, there are also extra "Mutators" you can set for an event.

These range from adding the Zen mode "Always Accelerating" feature to any game mode. Or making the road permanently icy, as though you were in a blizzard. You could even turn off the "drafting" feature, if it's annoying you that people keep catching you up in Infection!

This covers most of what the game has.

If you want to make a track for the game, then feel free to download 0.5.0 and make a track in that, I should be able to load it up in the latest version and put it in, as well as mentioning you in the games credits. You can PM me the .lvl file.

Also if you have a suggestion for any game modes you'd like to see in the game, just let me know on here and I'll look into it.

You can wishlist TRF on Steam at:

Have a good day everyone!
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I could have sworn you've sent this to me via Steam chat before. It looks familiar. Good to see you've nearly finished your work on it!
Thanks, it was via your Twitch stream one time, I sent a before and after of my options menu while you were making a city-builder type game, just before you started work on SpritePile haha.

Looks fun. This reminds me of an old arcade game I can't remember the name of at the was fun too, though!
Well I hope I live up to how fun these games were in the 90's! I got inspiration from Micro-Machines and Super Skidmarks for this, among other games.