Demo Treasure Rangers! An 8-bit 2D co-op single room platformer.


My name is Aaron. All art, programming and design is done by me. I do about 1 hour a day on it as I have two other jobs and I am a Dad as of a month ago. But yeah trying to make a start. :)

It's a retro 2D platformer that is heavily inspired by Bubble Bobble from the arcades/NES back in the late 80's. It is 2-player co-op local only to encourage people to get people playing games together again of all ages!

The game is called Treasure Rangers! Here is a link to the demo and read on if you want to know more.

Please see the gifs and screengrab below showing the current state of the game.

The story is about two Raccoons that hear about a massive stash of food inside the bottom of a tree trunk. Little do they know the inside has been hollowed into a descending dungeon out by a monster gang that have stolen this deliciousness from others - and only these two are up to getting it all back!


Players progress by defeating all the enemies by jumping or falling on them each level to move onwards. Collect fruit and other goodies to earn points. First 1000 points gets you an extra life! Then 3000, 7000 and so on. If you run out of lives, it's game over!


Various power-ups are available too for the player, including this high jump boot that lasts a few seconds!


So far there is 20 stages, with the full game to have 100.


The demo can be downloaded here:

I look forward to knowing your thoughts.