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Hello there,
not sure if this is the right section to post this thread on: in case it isn't, I'm sorry, feel free to move it.

I was wondering if there's some function in Game Maker Studio 2 to minimize the game (in my case a simple software I would like to develop, not a game at all) to the traybar in Windows, next to the clock.
I remember about a DLL that allowed to do that in GM6.1. Is there still something like that?

That would be epic, I didn't find anything about it on search and on Google (maybe I'v chosen the wrong keywords).



Nothing built-in of that sort in GMS2.

You will have to cobble together a generic windows DLL extension and hook it up to your GMS2 using extensions. So instead of searching how to do exactly this in GMS2, search how to do this for windows app and how to hook DLL into GMS2.

If you have VS installed there's a premade template for this.


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If there are surviving copies of that DLL, it might still work - the underlying mechanism (that is, window_handle function) is still there, so you might only have to change it from using external_define to having functions added via extension UI.
Good, thank you to both.
Yes, I still have that dll on my disk, I might use it in GMS2, just have to change something from the gm6 file I guess