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    Sep 7, 2019
    Good day, I am an aspiring game dude, who wants to make games for other game dudes, and dud-ets or pand-ets; whichever 'det you like to identify!

    In Trash-Blaster, you are essentially a space custodian who cleans up the mess left behind by corporations throughout the galaxy. It is a very simple concept, but the game is going to be grand! I do not want to spoil much but if you are a fan of Top Down RPGs that combine adventure platforming and a hint of space shooting; you've come to the right place!

    The game itself has some privmitvie graphics and sound, because I started playing around with game design in the early 2000's (think Windows XP); and wanted to please my younger self! (Yeah don't worry the final products will not be like this...Possibly)

    I have attached a free demo of what to expect from the series as a whole!

    I plan to use your contributions to support myself in continuing the games development cycle, and plan to feature the following:

    Multi-platform release
    (Steam,PS4,XBOX,SWITCH,and possibly IOS)

    While we wait for the funds to arise, enjoy some complimentary attachment screen's, and the demo!

    DEMO! :


    In Ship
    Look: Left Mouse
    Throttle: Right Mouse button
    Fire: Left Mouse Button

    On boots
    Move: Arrow Keys
    Interact with a specific computer: Left Mouse Button
    Die: Get caught

    Game pad that may POSSIBLY look like Xbox 360 Controller

    In Ship
    Look: Left Analog
    Throttle: Right Trigger
    Fire: X

    On boots
    Move: Left Analog
    Interact with a specific computer: A
    Die: Get caught

    NOTE!: This demo is not easy, so make sure you practice your reflexes with very bad/broken movie licensed video games from the 1990s!(Or games that tried to capitalize on really successful/well-balanced games!)

    Load: Save.i?

    Ill be honest i don't have a plan in terms of rewarding fellow patrons for their contribution, but will be more than happy to add their somewhere in future games!

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