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Android Transport Luck tycoon


Transport Luck tycoon

Google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.MagicHero_games.Transport_luck

Show due perseverance to build your own road corporation, develop the local economy and make a fortune. To become the best, you need to pay attention to all aspects of your empire, take care of improvements in trucks and enterprises, develop cities and not forget to export and import goods.

Features of the game:

- a special personal truck with individual studies for merit in the game
- 40 available goods for transport
- computer opponent
- production of raw materials and their processing into goods
- improvement of trucks and enterprises
- urban growth
- 12 medals with ten levels for achievements
- monthly rating games

Made in the GMS 2


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Liam Jacobs

Looks OK overall.

I am really not a big fan of the art style.
  • The renders are weirdly lit. They look like they're meters away from the sun.
  • The main GUI looks unusual. Most of the GUI elements should have an outline, as they don't really stick out from the background. Especially the close button.
  • The text is slightly off-center in some places.
  • A lot of the text could use an outline as well, as it also blends into the GUI.
  • The gray drop shadow on the truck needs to be toned down, or (preferably) completely removed.
  • The size of the trucks in the GUI needs to be scaled down quite a bit. There's no reason for it to take up that much screen real estate.

Functionally, the game is solid. A good concept that was well executed. However, the off-putting graphics make it fairly difficult to look at.